Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Can I install AZEK® products myself or do I need to hire a contractor?

  • How is TimberTech® different from AZEK?

  • I want to see an AZEK Deck in person. Where can I find your products?



  • Can AZEK® Deck be used near water?

  • Can I power wash AZEK® Deck?

  • Can I use AZEK Adhesive or caulk with AZEK® Deck?

  • Can I use AZEK Deck on a roof top application?

  • Is AZEK Deck ICC code compliant?

  • What colors are available for AZEK Deck?

  • What is AZEK Deck made of?

  • What is the best way to clean AZEK® Deck?

  • What is the minimum height from the ground that AZEK Deck must be installed?

  • Will AZEK Deck get mold on it?

  • Will AZEK Deck weather?


  • Can AZEK railing and decking products be curved or bent?

  • Can I use an aluminum baluster with AZEK Rail?

  • Can you paint AZEK Rail?

  • How do I clean AZEK Rail?

  • What are the differences between AZEK railing collections?

  • What comes in the AZEK Baluster pack?

  • What comes in the AZEK Rail kit?

  • What comes in the AZEK Rail Pack?

  • What is included in an AZEK Glass Channel kit?

  • What is the exact length of the AZEK Rail kit?

  • What size Secure Mount Posts do I need?



  • Can AZEK Trim be used in interior applications?

  • Can AZEK Trim be used in structural application?

  • Do I need to paint AZEK Trim?

  • Does AZEK Trim come in colors?

  • What can I use to clean AZEK Trim?

  • What can I use to fill nail holes in AZEK Trim?

  • What type of caulk can I use with AZEK® Trim?

  • What type of fasteners should be used to install AZEK Trim?


  • Can AZEK Moulding yellow over time?

  • Can I heat form AZEK® Moulding?

  • How do I clean my AZEK® Moulding?

  • What types of fasteners can I use with AZEK Moulding?

Adhesives & Tools

  • Can you apply the Slow Cure in colder weather?

  • Fast Cure and Slow Cure both consist of two components: What are they? How do they work more effectively than past adhesives?

  • What’s the shelf life of the slow and fast cure adhesives?


  • Are AZEK Pavers recommended for horse barns or other equestrian applications?

  • Are there any building code requirements for AZEK® Pavers?

  • Are there any building code requirements or building code reports available for Canada?

  • Can AZEK Pavers be used to resurface a concrete or asphalt driveway?

  • Can AZEK® Pavers be used on a roof pedestal system?

  • Can chalk be used on AZEK Pavers?

  • Can I drive on AZEK Pavers?

  • Can I install AZEK Pavers on a flat roof that has fire code requirements?

  • Can I put a hot tub over AZEK® Pavers?

  • Can I use AZEK Pavers for indoor applications?

  • Can I use AZEK Resurfacing Pavers over an existing brick paver patio?

  • Can I use AZEK Resurfacing Pavers over an existing concrete patio/walkway?

  • Can pavers be used with a snow melt system?

  • Do AZEK Pavers have an odor? If so, does it go away?

  • Do AZEK Pavers weather?

  • How warm do AZEK Pavers get?

  • Is wind uplift a concern for the AZEK Paver system?

  • What building codes may be affected by resurfacing a deck?

  • What is a drainage mat?


  • Can AZEK Porch be used near water?

  • What colors of AZEK® Porch are available?

  • What is the difference between AZEK Deck and AZEK Porch boards?



Deck Designer

  • How can I get a list of the materials I will need for my deck design?

  • How do I find/contact a local contractor to bring my virtual deck to life?

  • How do I obtain a permit for my deck?

  • How do I obtain a quote for my virtual deck?

  • Is there a way to improve the speed of AZEK Deck Designer?

  • Who can I contact to report issues with the Deck Designer app?

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