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Will AZEK Deck get mold on it?

Yes. Given particular environmental conditions of moisture and temperature, mold and mildew can appear on any outdoor surface. However, mold and mildew on AZEK Deck occurs only on the surface of the boards and does not penetrate into the deck board. Surface mold and mildew on an AZEK Deck can be removed using an all-surface deck cleaner or a 1 to 4 mixture of bleach and water. Apply cleaner or mixture, use a nylon bristle brush and scrub the area until the mold or mildew is removed. Rinse the area thoroughly and towel dry. Repeat if needed.

Is AZEK Deck ICC code compliant?

Yes, AZEK Deck has obtained two code research reports ESR-1667 (ICC) and also CCRR-0101. The details of both reports can be reviewed on our Technical Resources Page.

Can I use AZEK Deck on a roof top application?

Yes. AZEK Deck can be used on a rooftop application; however, the deck boards must be attached to a properly secured understructure and leave a minimum of an 1/8” gap between deck boards. DO NOT ATTACH DECK BOARDS TO A FLOATING SUB-STRUCTURE. Consult the AZEK Deck Installation Guidelines for recommended fastening. As always, be sure to consult your local building code official(s) for railing requirements on any deck application.

What is the best way to clean AZEK Deck?

While AZEK Decks are low-maintenance, let’s face it, any outdoor surface is going to be subjected to grime, leaves, and spills. To keep your AZEK Deck or Porch clean, use soap and water or an all-purpose cleaner such as Chomp gutter cleaner, Zep 505, Simple Green or Krud Kutter cleaner/degreaser with a stiff, natural fiber brush. It is best practice to clean small, manageable areas to prevent the cleaner from drying on the deck or porch surface. All cleaning products should be rinsed off thoroughly. Always read the cleaning product manufacturer's specific information before using any product on your AZEK Deck or Porch and follow their instructions. It is also a good idea to test the cleaner on a scrap piece or inconspicuous area of the deck to make sure it does not harm the surface.

Note that composite deck cleaners such as Corte Clean®, Thompson’s Waterseal® Oxy Action, Olympic® Premium Deck Cleaner, or other cleaners specified as composite deck cleaners, in powder or liquid form, should not be used with AZEK Deck/Porch. AZEK Deck/Porch is a capped polymer (PVC) deck plank and not a wood/plastic composite.

Reference the Care and Cleaning Recommendations for more details.

Can AZEK Deck be used near water?

Yes. AZEK Deck resists moisture; therefore, it can be used near water.

Can I use AZEK Adhesive or caulk with AZEK Deck?

AZEK Adhesive and caulks are not recommended for use with AZEK Deck. Do not get any PVC glue or similar substance on the surface of AZEK Deck as it may discolor and permanently damage the AZEK Deck surface.

Will AZEK Deck weather?

All decking products, natural and man-made, will experience some weathering. It’s all about where you live and the environmental and climate conditions in your particular area. AZEK Deck, Porch, and Fascia colors may appear to lighten over time as part of the natural weathering process. Take that into consideration when choosing your colors. Contributing factors to weathering include the environment, moisture, sunlight, heat, time and other variables that are dictated by region or geography. Weathering is simply aesthetic and not a performance or product warranty issue, so it is not considered a material defect. 

Can I power wash AZEK Deck?

AZEK Deck can be power washed using a fan tip and keeping the pressure at 1300 PSI or lower. First try the power washer on a scrap piece or inconspicuous area of AZEK Deck to be sure that you will not damage the surface.

What is the minimum height from the ground that AZEK Deck must be installed?

AZEK Deck does not require a specified height for ground clearance. However, as in any deck installation, be sure to attach the deck boards properly to a stable and secure sub-structure and leave a minimum of a 1/8” gap between deck boards.

What is AZEK Deck made of?

AZEK Deck has a polymer (PVC) core capped with Alloy Armor Technology providing superior stain and scratch resistance. It is designed to be solid and durable. AZEK Deck allows maximum enjoyment with low maintenance. AZEK decking is not a wood/plastic composite.

What colors are available for AZEK Deck?

The fashion forecast for your deck can be sleek and modern, traditional or rustic! You can even bring indoor flooring looks to the outdoor deck. AZEK Deck has one of the widest selections of styles and colors to choose from, ranging from light natural shades, to neutrals, to deep rich colors of the tropics. There is sure to be a look that complements your home’s exterior. Review our decking category to see all available colors, swatches, and inspiration.


What comes in the AZEK Baluster Pack?

An AZEK baluster pack contains composite balusters in quantities of 15 and metal balusters in quantities of 20. These packs are used with AZEK Rail packs to build the rail section that goes between posts.

What size Secure Mount Posts do I need?

34” and 40” Secure Mount Posts are for use with AZEK Reserve “over the post” applications using the Reserve Over Post Bracket Pack. These will not work with AZEK’s 316 SS hardware. 36” and 42” Secure Mount Posts are for use with all standard railing installations and will not work with the AZEK Reserve “over the post” installation.

Can you paint AZEK Rail?

We do not recommend painting AZEK Rail

What is the exact length of the AZEK Rail kit?

6’ rails are 72” in length from the manufacturer, but both ends must be cut down a minimum of 1” to achieve proper baluster spacing between the last baluster and the post to comply with local code requirements. 8’ rail are 96” in length. 10’ rails are 120” in length.

What is included in an AZEK Glass Panel Bracket Kit?

The AZEK Glass Panel bracket kits includes rubber bumpers for glass connection, 4 clam shell brackets, and all hardware to attach to posts. These are available in both white and brushed nickel. The undrilled bottom rail and retainer should be purchased separately. The kits do not contain the glass panels.

Is there a touch up kit for scratches on AZEK Rail?

We currently do not offer a touch up kit. You may try visiting an automotive body shop, to get color matched paint. In our experience, enamel appliance paint is best suited for white repairs.

Can I use a metal baluster with AZEK Rail?

The AZEK Rail system has only been tested with our balusters; therefore, we do not warranty the use of other manufacturer’s components with AZEK Rail. Recently, AZEK has introduced round and square metal balusters that are designed to be used in conjunction with AZEK Railing. Be sure to use rail packs with metal baluster hole spacing.

What comes in the AZEK Rail Pack?

An AZEK Rail Pack contains top rail, bottom rail, and hardware to build a rail section. Rail packs do not include posts, or balusters. Balusters are now sold separately as baluster packs.

How do I clean AZEK Rail?

AZEK Rail can be cleaned using a soft white cloth with warm water and a mild soap, followed by a thorough rinse. Chomp Gutter cleaner also works great on AZEK railing.

What comes in the AZEK Rail Kit?

An AZEK Rail Kit contains everything needed to assemble a section of railing (top rail, bottom rail, balusters, etc.) and hardware to attach the railing section to the posts. Rail kits do not include posts, just the railing parts between the posts. Rail kits are only available in white in Premier and Trademark profiles.

What railing colors are available?

There are three styles of AZEK Rail - Premier, Reserve, Trademark. All styles offer White - which is the most popular color for railing. AZEK Premier Rail is also available in Black, Brownstone, Slate Gray and Kona®. For a custom look, railing options can be mixed and matched to create a unique and distinctive style. There is also Impression Rail - an aluminum raiiling system with the look of wrought iron. This railing is available in Black and Bronze.

What are the differences between the four rail collections?

  • Premier Rail features a Victorian top rail profile, available in White, Black, Brownstone, Slate Gray and Kona®.
  • Trademark Rail features a Colonial handrail profile, available in white.
  • Reserve features a large, more generous profile for a grand, stately look, available in white.
  • Impression Rail features an aluminum railing system, available in Black and Bronze, that provides unobstructed views with quick and easy installation.
Can AZEK Railing be heat formed?

To maintain our railing products' integrity, AZEK does not recommend heat forming them.

Can AZEK railing and decking products be curved or bent?

AZEK railing and decking products can be curved or bent using heat and force to create custom shapes. Because curving/bending is performed by customers on their own or by third-party fabricators, AZEK cannot guarantee the integrity or performance of such applications, including the potential effect to the products’ structural rigidity, aesthetics or other product attributes. Any problems to the decking or railing products resulting from curving/bending are expressly excluded under AZEK’s Limited Warranty. AZEK recommends that all designs be reviewed by a licensed architect, engineer or local building official before installation.


Do I need to paint AZEK Trim?

AZEK Trim products do not require paint for protection, but may be painted to achieve a custom color or to cover nail holes that have been filled. If you choose to paint, use 100% acrylic latex paint with an LRV of 55 or higher. Definition of LRV (Light Reflective Value): LRV is the amount of light reflected from a painted surface. Black has a reflectance value of Zero (0) and absorbs all light and heat. White has a reflectance value of nearly 100 and keeps a building light and cool. All colors fit between these two extremes. Light Reflective Values are given as a percentage. For example, a color with a LRV of 55 means it will reflect 55% of the light that falls on it. For darker colors (LRV of 54 of lower) use paints with heat reflective characteristics specifically formulated for use on vinyl/PVC products. These paints/coatings are designed to reduce excessive heat gain. WARNING: It is recommended that should you choose to paint a darker color (LRV of 54 or lower) all aforementioned installation steps should be followed.

Can AZEK Trim be used in interior applications?

AZEK Trim products can and have been used on a variety of interior applications. However, you should check with your local building code before installing AZEK or any thermoplastic product in an interior application.

Does AZEK Trim come in colors?

AZEK Trim products are manufactured in a matte white only, but can be painted to achieve a custom color. (Refer to the painting section in our Trim Installation Guidelines)

What can I use to clean AZEK Trim?

First, power wash or hose loose dirt off the trim board; make sure to test the setting for the power washer first so it does not damage the surface of the board. AZEK Trim products can be cleaned with Oxiclean and a medium nylon bristle brush. Then rinsed with a hose or power washer (be sure to test the pressure so it does not harm the surface of the board). Other cleaning methods include using a soft cloth and a mixture of mild detergent. Some people have found the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser to work on pencil or other black marks. Other methods include denatured alcohol, mild household spray cleaner like Simple Green or Krud Kutter Cleaner/Degreaser. When using cleaners other than a mixture of mild detergent and water, it is best to test on a small area or a scrap piece of AZEK Trim, to make sure it does not harm the surface or damage the product’s appearance. Always read the cleaning product manufacturer’s specific information before using any product on your AZEK Trim and follow their instructions. WARNING: Keep children and pets away from cleaning product and the Trim until completely dry. IMPORTANT: Do not use solvent based cleaners as they can harm the finish of AZEK Trim. Consult with your paint manufacturer for instructions on cleaning AZEK Trim that has already been painted.

What type of fasteners should be used to install AZEK Trim?

You will want to use the same fasteners you would use for installing wood trim and siding. They should be stainless steel or hot dipped galvanized and long enough to penetrate the substrate a minimum of 1¼”. For best results, use fasteners designed for wood trim and wood siding. These fasteners have a thinner shank, blunt point, and full round head. Standard nail guns work well with AZEK Trim. If using pneumatic tools, use a fastener with a full round head and set the pressure so the fastener goes just beneath the surface of the AZEK board. IMPORTANT: Staples, brads, and wire nails should never be used. These products have shanks that are too small in diameter to control the thermal expansion and contraction properties of AZEK Trim.

What type of adhesive should I use to join the ends of AZEK Trim boards?

Put a thin layer of AZEK Adhesive on each end of the boards to be joined. Push the boards together so the ends are in complete contact with each other. As AZEK Adhesive does not have any filling capacity, insure that you have compression to hold the boards together while the adhesive cures. All boards must have 2 fasteners within 2” of the end of the joint. If the board is wider than 10”, you will need a fastener in the middle of the joint on both sides to insure compression at the joint and control expansion and contraction. Wipe excess adhesive off boards with a wet rag immediately, as adhesive is water soluble. You should always use scarf joints for all joint ends to ensure best results. Butt joints do not perform as well. For a proper butt joint, product must be pocket drilled to provide proper compression of AZEK adhesive. IMPORTANT: In applications where the product cannot be scarf jointed or pocket drilled, you must use an adhesive that provides filling capacity and strong adhesion with cellular PVC such as TrimBonder, Trim Welder or a similar adhesive product. You should always consult the adhesive manufacturer to determine suitability for your application.

Can AZEK Trim be used in structural application?

No, AZEK Trim cannot be used in structural applications. WARNING: AZEK Trim products cannot be used in any stress or structural applications. AZEK Trim products can only be used as the decorative part of your application; either wood or metal structural components need to be incorporated for structural applications. Check with your architect or builder if your application is structural.

What can I use to fill nail holes in AZEK Trim?

The following products may be used for filling trim nail holes:

  • Acrylic Caulk
  • Polyurethane Caulk
  • Auto Body Bondo
  • Vinyl Spackle
  • Plastic wood fillers

If the AZEK Trim is to be painted, it is recommended to fill nail holes with acrylic Bondo for best paint adhesion.

How do I clean my AZEK Trim?

First power wash or hose all loose dirt off of the surface. Be sure to test the setting for the power washer to ensure it will not damage the surface. AZEK Moulding products can be cleaned with OxyClean™ and a medium nylon bristle brush. Then, simply rinse with a hose or power washer. Other cleaning methods include using a soft cloth and a mixture of mild detergent and water.
Some people have found Mr. Clean Magic Eraser works on pencil or other marks. Or try denatured alcohol or a mild household spray cleaner such as Simple Green® or Krud Kutter® cleaner/degreaser.
When using cleaners other than a mixture of mild detergent and water, it is best to test on a small area or a scrap piece of AZEK Moulding, to make sure it does not harm the surface or damage the product’s appearance.
Always read the cleaning product manufacturer’s specific information before using any product on your AZEK Moulding and follow their instructions.

What type of caulk can I use on my Trim?

You can use an acrylic, urethane, or polyurethane caulk on the trim. You can also use an exterior spackle.


Are there any building code requirements or building code reports available for Canada?

Not at this time.

Are there any building code requirements for Hardscapes/AZEK Pavers?

AZEK Pavers is subject to the same building code requires as other pavements. These may include subbase grade, ratios between permeable and impermeable area, easements, etc. When used to resurface decks, we have not been made aware of any code requirements or other required test reports (such as ICC-ES) and have been simply considered a “covering.” When used to resurface flat roofs, we have been typically considered “overburden” and not subject to specific fire or wind uplift requirements; however, AZEK Pavers still maintains recommendations for installation in various wind uplift situations (e.g. building height, parapet wall height, wind zone).

Can the pavers be used to resurface a concrete or asphalt driveway?

It is not recommended to resurface a concrete or asphalt driveway with AZEK Pavers. The Resurfacing Pavers are not recommended for vehicular traffic, and proper drainage and maintaining sand between the pavers will be difficult to achieve with the Standard Pavers.

Can the pavers be used on a roof pedestal system?

No. AZEK Pavers are not structural and therefore cannot be used with pedestal systems.

Can I install pavers on a flat roof that has fire code requirements?

The ability to use the AZEK Paver system on a flat roof is dependent on individual city codes. There are numerous flat roof projects in nearly every market across the U.S., parts of Canada, Puerto Rico, and Japan. The material meets "Class C" fire code rating. In some markets, AZEK Pavers are classified as "overburden" because they are less than 10 lbs per square foot and are easily removable. Overburden means it is a non-integral part of the roof, like a welcome mat, a table and chairs, or a planter box. In those cases, the fire code does typically does not apply. Other markets, like San Francisco, limit the amount of square footage that can be flammable and installed on a flat roof. For more information contact us or check with your local building inspector.

Is wind uplift a concern for the AZEK Paver system?

Yes, AZEK Pavers always encourages and recommends taking the utmost safety precautions when installing the AZEK Pavers. In high wind zone areas, or on flat roofs that are greater than a couple stories, please contact us for recommendations on adhering the pavers to the grid. The combination of building height, wind zone, parapet height, and surroundings are taken into account to make sure the application will be safe.

Can I use Resurfacing Pavers over an existing concrete patio/walkway?

Yes, our system is designed to resurface existing concrete. The pavers will contour to the concrete underneath; so the more even it is the better the new surface will look.

Can chalk be used on the pavers?

Yes, chalk can be used on the AZEK Paver system, and with the low porosity it will clean up quick and easy.

Can AZEK Pavers be used with a snowmelt system?

AZEK Pavers does not have extensive experience or installed applications using snow melt systems; however, we believe AZEK Pavers will perform relatively well with these types of systems. Due to the relatively low density of our product (one-third that of concrete), AZEK Pavers will transfer heat quickly and potentially offer faster temperature response.

Can I use AZEK Pavers for indoor applications?

AZEK Pavers are not recommended for indoor use.

Can I use Resurfacing Pavers over an existing brick paver patio?

AZEK Resurfacing Pavers will perform best over even surfaces. If the existing bricks are set evenly our system will work well over the top.

What building codes may be affected by resurfacing a deck?

AZEK Resurfacing Pavers will raise the surface of the deck by 1.75”. This will lower the railing height and raise the height of the bottom step. When capping off the steps, the riser trim may reduce the depth of the stair tread. Make sure the addition will not affect the deck being up to code. It is also important to keep in mind the height of any door threshold on the deck. In some markets, fire ratings may also need to be considered.

Can I put a hot tub over the AZEK Pavers?

The AZEK Pavers can most certainly with stand the weight of a hot tub/spa. Our system has a compressive strength of approximately 2,000 pounds per square inch. Our system will have no issues supporting the weight. If it's going on a deck, please make sure the deck itself can support the additional weight.

Are the pavers recommended for horse barns or other equestrian applications?

There have been several horse barns applications done with the AZEK Pavers. However, we have not done any specific testing for equestrian suitability and cannot formally recommend it.

Can I drive on AZEK Pavers? Are there applications AZEK Pavers should not be used?

Absolutely. AZEK Pavers are perfect for low volume, low speed vehicular and foot traffic. Typical applications include driveways, parking lots, patios, sidewalks, pool areas, decks and flat roofs. AZEK Pavers should not be used for fire pits (grills and fire bowls may be used on top of the pavers when placed over a fire mat), for roads (other high speed vehicular traffic applications) or where the potential for standing/above ground water is likely (or common).

What is a drainage mat?

A drainage mat, aka sheet drain or drainage board, is a system that rolls out on top of the waterproofing membrane beneath AZEK Pavers. Its purpose is to both protect the membrane and create a pathway for water to escape to the drains. It is used on the majority of waterproofed flat roof applications. Drainage mat typically comes in rolls that are 4' x 50' and it is 7/16" thick, and is NOT affixed to the pavers or the membrane - it floats between the two. The segments are installed next to each other to cover the waterproofed areas underneath the pavers. We recommend using the Enkadrain 3801 drainage mat for the majority of applications.

Do pavers have an odor? If so, does it go away?

Like that new car smell, your AZEK Paver project may have a rubber odor when first installed, but it does fade with time.

Can pavers be used with a snow melt system?

AZEK Pavers have shown moderate success with different hydronic and electric snow melt systems when the temperature is above 15 degrees Fahrenheit. Unlike concrete, products containing rock salt and ice melt with calcium chloride may be used on AZEK Pavers without fear of harming the pavers. These products generally deteriorate concrete and may void their warranty.

Do AZEK Pavers weather?

AZEK Paver color and finish may weather over time and typically can take 3-24 months. The finish may have more of a matte appearance after UV exposure and look more natural over time. Weathering occurs as a function of the environment, moisture, sunlight, heat, time, and other variables which may vary. Weathering is aesthetic and not a product performance issue covered under the AZEK Paver warranty.

How warm do Pavers get?

Color can have an effect on this, but testing shows that AZEK Pavers get about as warm as composite lumber. On a sunny 90ºF day, darker-colored pavers could reach 140ºF. Interestingly, AZEK Pavers quickly adapt to changing temperature conditions. This means that as the sun goes down, they will rapidly cool to the new ambient temperature.


What types of fasteners can I use with Moulding?

For best results, AZEK Mouldings should be fastened with a #8 trim screw (stainless steel or hot-dipped galvanized), or thin-shanked, blunt-tipped full round head nail.

Can AZEK Moulding yellow over time?

Unlike some exterior mouldings on the market, AZEK Moulding resists yellowing over time due to the UV protection throughout the product.

Can I heat form the Moulding?

Because of the various shaped details on AZEK Moulding, it should not be heat formed, as uniformity can be lost. However, regular AZEK Trim board profiles can be heat formed into radius curves, arches, or layered to build ornate architectural pieces

How do I clean my AZEK Moulding?

First power wash or hose all loose dirt off of the surface. Be sure to test the setting for the power washer to ensure it will not damage the surface. AZEK Moulding products can be cleaned with OxyClean™ and a medium nylon bristle brush. Then, simply rinse with a hose or power washer. Other cleaning methods include using a soft cloth and a mixture of mild detergent and water.
Some people have found Mr. Clean Magic Eraser works on pencil or other marks. Or try denatured alcohol or a mild household spray cleaner such as Simple Green® or Krud Kutter® cleaner/degreaser.
When using cleaners other than a mixture of mild detergent and water, it is best to test on a small area or a scrap piece of AZEK Moulding, to make sure it does not harm the surface or damage the product’s appearance.
Always read the cleaning product manufacturer’s specific information before using any product on your AZEK Moulding and follow their instructions.a


What colors of AZEK porch boards are available?

AZEK Porch is currently available in Brownstone, Slate Gray, Morado®, Silver Oak®, and Oyster®. This traditional looking tongue and groove product can boost curb appeal with beauty that is similar to indoor flooring. AZEK Porch has a sleek, high-end look in colors designed to complement any architectural style.

What is the difference between AZEK deck boards and AZEK porch boards?

AZEK Deck and AZEK Porch are made of the same high performance material, but the difference comes in their application and installation. Installing a porch versus a deck is also different with the porch installation requiring the joists to pitch away from the house at 1/4"" per foot. AZEK Porch boards are narrower (1"" x 3 1/8"" wide) than deck boards and are tongue and groove. They are available in 10', 12' and 16' lengths. AZEK Deck boards, available with square edges or grooved edges, are 1"" x 5 1/2"" wide, in lengths of 12, 16, and/or 20 ft. lengths depending on color.

Can AZEK Porch be used near water?

AZEK Porch and AZEK Deck are resistant to moisture, so they are definitely a great choice for water environments.

Deck Designer

Is there a way to improve the speed of the Deck Designer?

Yes, you can use the Settings menu in the toolbar to change the graphics setting to Fastest. This will improve increase the speed of the tool without significantly affecting visual quality. When you’re ready to view your final design, we recommend changing to Fantastic to really see your design shine.

How can I get a list of the materials I will need for my deck design?

The Deck Designer provides you with a list of the AZEK and TimberTech decking and railing products you selected in your deck design. Click on the Bill of Materials icon in the toolbar to view and print the list when you’ve completed your design. Please note that the materials list does not include substructure material such as beams and joists -- your contractor will be able to provide the most accurate estimates for these materials.

How do I obtain a permit for my deck?

Check your local building codes for permit requirements for your home. This is usually required for any structure, such as a deck, that necessitates the installation of footings. You don’t want to receive a note from the city notifying you that your deck isn’t up to code! Plus, you’ll want to make sure it’s safe and secure for loved ones and visitors.

How do I obtain a quote for my virtual deck?

Before ordering materials, determine what and how much you’ll need. We recommend contacting a contractor or dealer to review your design to determine the complete list of materials you’ll need to bring your deck to life. They will also be able to provide accurate estimates for your deck.

How do I find/contact a local contractor to bring my virtual deck to life?

Use either of the following links to find a list of local contractors:

Who can I contact to report issues with the site?

We’re happy to help with any questions you have while designing your dream deck. Please email us and we’ll get right back to you with assistance.

How can I find out how much my deck will cost?

Consult a contractor to get an estimate that will cover materials, labor, and permit fees. You may find a local contractor using the links below.