AZEK Ready Rake Trim

Ready Rake

Ready Rake

This one-piece trim offers a cleaner profile that’s more consistent than laminating. This highly functional profile comes ready to install, saving time and labor costs.

Enjoy the beauty and benefits of AZEK Ready Rake:

  • Stands up to harsh weather
  • Resists stains, scratches, and fading
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Resists mold, mildew, and moisture damage
  • No cupping, rotting, or splitting
  • UV protection inside and out
  • Does not require paint for protection, but easily accepts paint
  • Same color, look, and feel as AZEK Moulding
  • Covered by a liftime limited warranty
  • Available in White in Traditional finish
Traditional Ready Rake Trim

Finish Options

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Ready Rake
Nominal Actual Lengths
1 x 3 on 1 x 8 ¾″ x 2 ½″ on ¾″ x 7 ¼″ 18′
AZEK Adhesive
Container Size
4 oz. 32 oz.
8 oz. 128 oz.
16 oz. 5 gal. (640 oz.)