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Driveway Details

Make a memorable first impression with an AZEK Paver driveway or entrance that has been designed to hold up under pressure. Delivering lasting durability and good looks, AZEK Pavers resist damage from salt, chemicals, and freeze-thaw conditions. Even clearing of the surface with a snow plow is allowed. Unlike concrete pavers, AZEK Pavers absorb little water so they resist cracking in cold weather climates. And, for every 1,000 square-feet of AZEK Standard Pavers, 15,000 gallon-sized plastic containers and 500 tires are diverted from U.S. landfills. Actually, since their introduction in 2007, AZEK Pavers have repurposed more than 1.4 million truck tires and over 42 million plastic containers.

Suggested Pavers

Standard Pavers

Standard Pavers

Standard pavers can be used to create a new patio, driveway, flat roofs, or other outdoor space.

Permeable Pavers

Permeable Pavers

Permeable pavers, combined with an open-graded base, drastically reduce runoff rate and quantity.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can pavers be used with a snow melt system?

AZEK Pavers have shown moderate success with different hydronic and electric snow melt systems when the temperature is above 15 degrees Fahrenheit. Unlike concrete, products containing rock salt and ice melt with calcium chloride may be used on AZEK Pavers without fear of harming the pavers.

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