AZEK Lighting Products

Light Up
the Evening

Deck & Porch Lighting

Add a warm glow to your AZEK® Deck with AZEK®’s outdoor deck and porch lighting. Select from our assortment of lighting items for the perfect accessory to enhance the serenity and safety of your outdoor space.

AZEK Lighted Island Cap

Island Cap

  • Lighted Island Cap White Color View 1 White
  • Lighted Island Cap White Color View 2 White
  • Lighted Island Cap White Color View 3 White

Lighted Island Cap Details

Add lighted island caps to 5.5″ post sleeves for a soft downlight effect.


  • White
  • Black
  • Brownstone
  • Kona®
  • Slate Gray
AZEK Post Cap Light

Post Cap Light

  • Post Cap Light View 1
  • Post Cap Light View 2
  • Post Cap Light View 3

Post Cap Lighting Details

Generate a delicate glow around an AZEK post cap. Designed to pair with a 5.5″ Post Sleeve and Post Cap.


  • Frosted White
AZEK Accent Light

Accent Light

  • Accent Light White View 1 White
  • Accent Light Bronze Bronze
  • Accent Light White View 2 White

Accent Light Details

Add a delicate downlight effect on posts, and use accent lights at transition posts or near stairs for added visibility.


  • Architectural Bronze
  • White
AZEK In-Deck Light

In-Deck Light

  • In-Deck Light View 1
  • In-Deck Light View 2
  • In-Deck Light View 3

In-Deck Light Details

Mount in-deck lights to your deck’s surface to produce an ambient glow.


  • Architectural Bronze

Riser Light

  • Riser Light View 1
  • Riser Light View 2
  • Riser Light View 3

Riser Light Details

Add a soft illumination and increased safety to your deck’s stairway with riser lights.


  • Architectural Bronze
  • White
AZEK Under Rail Light

Rail Light

  • Undr Rail Light View 1
  • Undr Rail Light View 2
  • Undr Rail Light View 3

Under Rail Light Details

Add subtle light between balusters with under-rail lights that hide on the underside of your top rail, a perfect and discreet outdoor deck and porch lighting solution.


  • Architectural Bronze