AZEK Deck Fastening



From hidden fasteners for a clean, fastener free surface to color matched screws for a seamless look on your AZEK® deck, we provide lots of fastening options. CONCEALoc, FUSIONLoc and CORTEX fasteners come with a 25-year warranty.

CONCEALoc Fastener for Decks


Hidden fastener system that can be installed pneumatically with the FastenMaster TigerClaw Gun or using a drill. CONCEALoc provides a fastener free surface. Designed exclusively for AZEK® or TimberTech ® grooved boards.

Cortex Fastener for Decks


Hidden fastener system featuring a high quality, ACQ approved, specialty deck screw with a Torx® ttap® drive system. Included plug is made from AZEK Decking to hide the fastener. Best hidden fastener for stairs and perimeter boards.

FusionLoc Fastener for Decks


Collated hidden fastener system engineered for strength and speed. FUSIONLoc offers a pneumatic installation with the FastenMaster FiveShot Tool and a manual installation using the FUSIONLoc Hand Driven Tool. Every clip provides 3 points of board to joist connection and allows for boards in the middle of a deck to easily be removed.

TOPLoc Fastener for Decks

TOPLoc® for AZEK ® New

Color matched fasteners available in high quality, stainless steel screws, ACQ approved, with a Torx® ttap® drive system.

FUSIONLoc is a registered trademark of OMG, Inc.