AZEK Deck Finishing

Every Lasting Detail Matters


Every detail matters. Choose the last additions and enhance your lasting outdoor space with AZEK's unique fastening and finishing touches.

AZEK Deck Fastening


Fastening Details

FUSIONLoc® and CORTEX® Fasteners come with a 25–year limited warranty.

CONCEALoc Fastener for Decks


Hidden fastener system that can be installed pneumatically with the FastenMaster TigerClaw Gun or using a drill. CONCEALoc provides a fastener free surface. Designed exclusively for AZEK® or TimberTech ® grooved boards.

Cortex Fastener for Decks


Hidden fastener system featuring a high quality, ACQ approved, specialty deck screw with a Torx® ttap® drive system. Included plug is made from AZEK Decking to hide the fastener. Best hidden fastener for stairs and perimeter boards.

FusionLoc Fastener for Decks


Collated hidden fastener system engineered for strength and speed. FUSIONLoc offers a pneumatic installation with the FastenMaster FiveShot Tool and a manual installation using the FUSIONLoc Hand Driven Tool. Every clip provides 3 points of board to joist connection and allows for boards in the middle of a deck to easily be removed.

TOPLoc Fastener for Decks

TOPLoc® for AZEK ® New

Color matched fasteners available in high quality, stainless steel screws, ACQ approved, with a Torx® ttap® drive system.

FUSIONLoc is a registered trademark of OMG, Inc.



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DrySpace Details

Ideal for second-story decks, AZEK's DrySpace product is an under-deck drainage system that collects and channels moisture from the spaces between planks. It is easily attached to new or existing deck joists, and comes in an off-white color that lightens and brightens the area under your deck with a crisp aesthetic. DrySpace is made of solid extruded vinyl for maximum strength, durability, and weather resistance, and comes with a 25-year limited warranty.

  • Made of solid extruded vinyl for maximum strength, durability and weather resistance
  • Kits available for 12” on-center spans in 12’ lengths and 16” on-center spans in 12’ and 16’ lengths
  • Also available in bulk
  • 25-year limited warranty for residential applications

DrySpace system is manufactured for AZEK by Engineered Profiles, LLC. Engineered Profiles' use of the mark DrySpace is with consent of DrySpace, Inc., in Columbus, Ohio. Engineered Profiles and DrySpace Inc., are not affiliated in any way. Neither company warrants the goods or services of the other.


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AZEK Deck Gate Kit

Gate Kit

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Gate Kit Details

Add a clean entry and exit point to your deck with the AZEK® gate kit, compatible with AZEK’s Premier Railing® and Trademark Railing lines

  • Gate hardware kit contains everything necessary to build a working gate. A 6′ or 8′ AZEK Railing kit (sold separately) is needed to complete the gate.
  • Works with 6′ or 8′ section of AZEK Premier or AZEK Trademark Railing
  • 36″ height (White and Black only)
  • Single Gate adjustable opening

Gate products are not ADA compliant or appropriate for weight-bearing applications

ADA Handrail

ADA Handrail

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ADA Handrail Details

Add an Americans with Disabilities Act-compliant handrail to any AZEK Rail profile.

  • Meets IRC and IBC handrail test requirements
  • Is the only ADA rail system to have a published test report with AZEK’s existing rail products
  • Offers 13 basic components to build a graspable handrail
  • Is easy to install and eliminates confusion about which parts and pieces to use on a project
  • Offers easy versatility to accommodate numerous stair designs and layouts.

AZEK ADA Handrail Components include a 104″ PVC handrail; 90 Degree return or Straight Wall return with aluminum retainer; cast aluminum, powder coated brackets; aluminum rail joiners; PVC end caps and caps to cover screws. As with any design, it is always recommended to check local building codes to ensure compliance with local regulations.


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Secure-Mount Post & Decking Mounting Kit

Secure–Mount Post® & Decking Mounting Kit

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Secure–Mount Post® & Decking Mounting Kit Details

These products allow the safe and secure installation of AZEK Rail posts directly onto your AZEK Deck without 4″ x 4″ posts.