AZEK Deck Traditional Style
Traditional Style Deck
Traditional Style Deck Detail 1
Traditional Style Deck Detail 2

Traditional Design

Traditional is a classic style updated to maintain relevance today. It uses materials like wicker, wood (mostly teak), wrought iron and powder coated aluminum metal finishes. Patterns include representational florals and botanicals, stripes and solids in traditional colors. Updated Traditional mixes antiques and reproductions with more contemporary elements in a diverse color palette and pattern mix. This mix helps create a livelier, more contemporary design statement.

Decking Colors

PRIMARY Mahogany, Acacia®, Silver Oak®
ACCENT Cypress, Morado®


AZEK® Premier Rail in Kona® with white post sleeves and composite balusters

Colors & Textures

Warm tones, intricate patterns, floral tapestries, ornate planters

AZEK Deck Casual Contemporary
Casual Contemporary Style
Casual Contemporary Detail 1
Casual Contemporary Detail 2

Casual Contemporary Design

Casual Contemporary uses reclaimed and repurposed materials such as wood, brick, and old furniture to make a statement. When used, woodgrain has fine lines and subtle knots. These rustic materials are mixed with plastics, aluminum and other low luster metals for a contrast that adds character. The textiles used with this style are typically made from natural looking materials and patterns. Accessories are made from high performance materials like ceramic and concrete and sometimes offer a punch of color.

Decking Colors

PRIMARY Silver Oak, Hazelwood®, Dark Hickory
ACCENT Acacia, Morado®


AZEK Premier Railing in all black with black post sleeves and cable infill

Colors & Textures

Basic decor, bold pops of color, smooth geometric shapes

AZEK Deck Americana Style
Americana Style
Americana Style Detail 1
Americana Style Detail 2

Americana Design

The Americana style uses rustic finishes that are complex with more color and textures revealed. Natural materials are used with simple shaker style shapes and freshly painted finishes on rough backgrounds. Prints and patterns include a mix of small and large prints like florals and stripes. Extra character is gained by using complex turned spindles furniture legs and architectural trim details. Americana also uses traditional colors like ocher, sienna and burnt umber mixed with new accents of brighter blues and greens.

Decking Colors

PRIMARY Mahogany, Cypress
ACCENT Dark Hickory, Mahogany


AZEK Premier Railing in all black with post sleeves and composite balusters

Colors & Textures

Red, cobalt, white, gingham and plaid, vintage metal pieces

AZEK Deck Eclectic Style
Eclectic Style
Eclectic Style Detail 1
Eclectic Style Detail 2

Eclectic Design

The Eclectic style mixes scale, colors, patterns, and finishes to create a look that is uniquely you. Furniture and accessories do not match, instead they are a mix of reclaimed, refurbished and repurposed materials in both bold bright colors and soft vintage hues. Aged, pitted and rusted metal finishes are mixed with updated satin nickel and oil rubbed bronze. The addition of whimsical and unique accent pieces are very common and used to make a statement about personal expression.

Decking Colors

PRIMARY Dark Hickory, Brownstone
ACCENT Mahogany, Kona


AZEK Premier Railing in all black with black post sleeves and glass infill

Colors & Textures

A mixture of new and refurbished pieces, vibrant colors and patterns

AZEK Deck Coastal Style
Coastal Style
Coastal Style Detail 1
Coastal Style Detail 2

Coastal Design

Coastal uses wicker, rattan and worn weathered wood in both natural and whitewashed finishes. Accents include found objects like beach glass, rocks and wood. Patterns and motifs are traditional and include stripes, checks, and nautical icons like fish, shells, coral, and rope. Colors include ocean blues, navy, lake greens, gray and white.

Decking Colors

PRIMARY Hazelwood, Dark Hickory, Brownstone
ACCENT Slate Gray, Brownstone


AZEK Trademark Railing in all white with post sleeves and composite balusters

Colors & Textures

Anchors, ropes, wicker, weathered wood with whitewashed finishes

Choosing Color

LIGHT & MID-TONE BROWNS These wood-influenced hues support a wide range of color accents. They convey feelings of calm and comfort in a natural palette, and can be luxurious or wholesome and versatile.

GRAYS Sophisticated and earthy, gray can tone down or intensify the impact of surrounding colors. These shades create a palette that can homogenize or contrast color, texture, and pattern. These stone and weathered wood influenced colors make a beautifully subtle statement.

BEIGE These calm, relaxing neutrals are most popular in today's homes and coordinate with a variety of other hues and materials. RED A traditional Americana color, this family of warm, mineral-based colors pairs with pastels, vivid accents, and traditional tones.

DARK BROWNS are rustic, refined, and earthy colors that provide warmth and reliability in both traditional and contemporary designs. These browns can be the foundation for various color schemes and complement metal finishes. They provide a rich background for gathering and socializing.