Trim and Moulding Visualizer

Trim Visualizer Preview

Add Decorative Details to Your Home

AZEK Trim and Moulding is the perfect replacement for wood. Whether you’re reproducing a masterpiece or creating an entirely new piece, AZEK allows you to craft details that will last. The AZEK® Trim and Moulding Visualizer helps you customize an existing home style and see your dream home designs come to life in real time.

Begin your Project

A little prep goes a long way

Make your experience using the AZEK® Trim and Moulding Visualizer the best it can be by checking these things first.

  • To begin creating, select the home image you wish to accessorize with AZEK® Trim and Moulding profiles.
  • Once you have chosen the home, you may select highlighted areas of the home and personalize with AZEK® Trim and Moulding profiles.
  • Upon completing your selections, a full report will be prepared detailing all items used in the design, as well as a full product listing of AZEK® Trim and Moulding profiles.
  • Remember before starting any project, engage an architect or other building professional, and check your local building codes for the construction requirements in your area.

System Requirements

  • Windows operating system.
  • Java 1.5 or higher. If not installed on your computer, download here, or launching the Trim and Moulding Visualizer will install it for you.
  • Adobe Reader 5.0 or higher. Download the latest version of Adobe Reader.
  • 1024 x 768 minimum screen resolution
  • A two-button mouse with a scroll wheel
  • Cookies enabled (How do I do this?)
  • Javascript enabled (How do I do this?)
  • Allow the ActiveX component to run, if prompted to do so
  • If alerted with a popup from DIY Technologies that reads, “The application’s digital signature has been verified. Do you want to run the application?” click “Run” to accept.
  • For a full list of system requirements, visit our AZEK® Trim and Moulding Visualizer FAQs