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Make Your Deck a (Virtual) Reality

Use augmented reality to display your dream deck on the back of your home. Simply download the AZEK Building Products App from the App Store or Google Play Store, download, print, and scan the visualization marker, and bring your AZEK Deck to life.

Get started using the AZEK App


Download the AZEK App

The AZEK App is available in both the Apple App and Google Play Store.

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Download and print the 8½″ x 11″ visualization marker
Visualiztion Marker 2, Small Image


Scan the marker and bring AZEK products to life

Use AZEK 3D Home to customize the decking, railing, porch and pavers or build a virtual deck in your backyard with decking and railing in the 3D Deck & Rail Visualizer.

AZEK App Features

3D Visualizer

Use augmented reality to place a 3D AZEK Deck on the back of your home and customize the decking and railing options. To see a mini version of your deck design, download the 8½″ x 11″ marker, If you’re ready to see your 3D dream deck as large as life in your own backyard, request our free 4½′ x 3½′ marker.

3D Home

Personalize the AZEK House and then turn, rotate, and zoom in to make sure it’s designed just the way you want. With the home created, it will be easy to imagine those special family moments on the front porch, on the back deck, or even on the paver patio.

For Pros

Hey Contractors — Try the AZEK Building Products App and the 3D Visualizer to see how it can help you grow your business!

Want a larger 3D Visualizer marker sent to you for free?

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