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Walpole Woodworkers

In 1933, Walpole Woodworkers began serving homeowners with handcrafted outdoor products distinctive in their quality and classic style. Inspired by AZEK trim products durability and guaranteed long lasting beauty the Freeport Collection was added as one of their available collections of high quality long lasting outdoor products. Featuring lattice panels, trellis systems, cupolas, planter boxes, window boxes, mail & lantern posts, pergolas, arbors and custom designs made from AZEK trim products.

To see the complete line of Walpole's Freeport Collection using AZEK Products, visit their website.

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Millwork Unlimited

For centuries, design and building creativity have been limited by trim products available in the market. But when Millwork Unlimited created its custom trim and moulding program they chose AZEK products to meticulously craft their millwork and moulding profiles. The reputation and proven performance of AZEK products, is one more reason to trust your investment in Millwork Unlimited products, ensuring your trim and moulding creations will perform beautifully for years to come. Millwork Unlimited features products such as window/door surrounds, railing systems, balusters, newels, post caps, finials, peroglas, column wraps, stock mouldings, 4' x 8' beadboard, custom brackets as well as custom projects using AZEK products. Millwork Unlimited's products are available through your local AZEK Building Products dealers.

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Ridge Craft Quality Handcrafted Cupolas

When looking for a low maintenance product to offer their customers, Ridge Craft chose AZEK Trim for its quality, workability, durability and long lasting beauty. A Ridge Craft cupola made with AZEK Trim and complete with a number of roof choices, is the low maintenance crowning touch to any outdoor structure as well as a classic way to add ventilation to your structure. All Ridge Craft's cupola series; The Select, Estate and Shed are available using AZEK Trim. With 20 different styles, 10 different sizes or a custom design, built to your specifications, Ridge Craft is one of the premier cupola builders using AZEK Trim products. Ridge Craft cupolas are sold through lumberyards and trade professionals nationwide.
For more information on ordering a Ridge Craft Quality Handcrafted Cupola click on the link to their website below. You can also contact Ridge Craft by calling: 717-355-2254

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Double D's Construction

Don says, "We use AZEK Trim for the quality and consistency of the product. AZEK Trim products can be milled using the same woodworking tools used to mill wood and the finished product has the look and feel of wood without all the maintenance issues. We know the AZEK Trim products we fabricate and deliver to our clients are high quality products offering long lasting beauty and low maintenance."

Double D's has fabricated many custom profiles which are traditionally created using wood, such as: decorative trusses, column wraps, one piece column wraps, corbels, gable vents, louvers, mailbox posts, shutters, trellis, window pediments, window/door surrounds corbels, brackets, decorative trusses, columns, shutters, outdoor cabinets and custom CNC Work.

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Renovation by Ken Newland Building and Restoration

Ken Newland's Building & Restoration of Weston, CT used AZEK all over this shingle-style house in Old Greenwich, CT. "All of the flat stock on the exterior is AZEK product - the fascia, window trim, soffits, frieze, water table, arches,columns and raised panels" said owner Ken Newland. With flood tide five feet up the columns, Ken specified AZEK because of its durability. "It’s such a workable trim product, we even rout it on the job site and make our own mouldings," he said. His workers cut the arches out of AZEK sheet and also used it to wrap the wide columns. "The homeowners are extremely happy, with no worries about repair and maintenance" said Ken. And AZEK's paintability makes this home a real winner. As seen in Journal of Light Construction.

Windows by Bowman Building Supplies

Larry Bowman, owner and president of Bowman Building Supplies Inc. uses AZEK products for window and door accessories that he sells to builders in the over $500K market.

He loves using AZEK products for louvers, including cupolas with slanted louvers. "We've built about 12 cupolas completely of AZEK products in the past six months," says Larry, "It's the best alternative board on the market and we've tried them all. We can rout, shape, laminate, and bend AZEK Trimboards into virtually any shape in our oven and it exceeds our discriminating customer's expectations."

According to Larry, "Pediments, cupolas, corbels and brackets, spires or elaborate facades should not show signs of rot or require maintenance in three short years like with wood. With AZEK products, we can give builders anything they can draw and know it will be there 20 years from now."

Columns by Buchan Homes

AZEK Brings Interior Beauty Outdoors

John F. Buchan, President of Buchan Homes in Bellevue, WA wants his customers to enjoy the same beauty of interior millwork on the exterior of the home with the lowest maintenance possible.

His quest for the best, lead him to AZEK Trim, recommended by Cedar King, one of his siding suppliers. "We use AZEK products for detailed millwork, wrapped columns, window, dormers and door trim. We prefer AZEK Sheet as our grand entry trim product because it is very versatile," says John.

His finish carpenters create curved arches with the sheet material by cutting it or bending thinner pieces. They also choose to paint the AZEK product in custom colors, although paint is not needed for protection. "AZEK gives us a smooth millwork finish that wood or other products do not--natural or man made," he says. "It is a superior product and resonates with our customers for its detailed beauty above and beyond the competition."

As seen in the Custom Home magazine.