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AZEK® Pavers Introduces Three New Paver Profiles

SCRANTON, PAAZEK Pavers, which have emerged as the most innovative hardscape solution for patios, walkways, driveways and even deck or flat roof resurfacing, has added three new products to its lineup that will enhance the great looks and functionality of any AZEK Paver project. New paver products include:

  • 8”x8” Standard Paver – The addition of the larger paver size answers the growing trends toward both larger paver aesthetics and multi-sized paver patterns. When used in conjunction with the 4”x8” and 4”x4” Standard Pavers, this new size creates the opportunity for additional design options to increase visual interest.
  • Resurfacing Bullnose Paver – This profile provides an attractive, rounded finished perimeter edge to any paver area – such as a deck surface, flat roof application or any project utilizing resurfacing pavers.
  • Resurfacing Transition Paver - This profile includes a slanted edge that acts as a mini ramp to transition from the paver height down to the level of the ground, substructure or walkway to improve accessibility.

The 8”x8” and the Bullnose Paver will be available in all five colors – Redwood, Boardwalk, Village, Olive, and Waterwheel. The Transition Paver will be available in Redwood.

“Following the tremendous response we have received around AZEK Pavers, we’re excited to be able to introduce these new profiles that will increase design options and expand functionality,” said David Justice, Product Manager Pavers, CPG Building Products. “Over the past year, we have worked hard to develop items that meet market needs while improving the overall paver installation and elevating the finished look.”

The new products join existing AZEK Paver profiles: Standard, for new patio, walkway, and driveway construction; Permeable, with spacer lugs to facilitate water filtration; and Resurfacing Pavers, a thinner profile that can be installed directly over existing concrete slabs, flat roofs and decks.

With low-maintenance, beauty and durability, all AZEK Pavers are stain-, impact- and scratch-resistant and save on installation time and labor compared to traditional concrete and clay pavers. Fitting into an innovative grid system and at less than half the weight of traditional pavers, AZEK Pavers install up to three times faster than other pavers, with no special tools or masonry wet saws required.

Available through a national distribution network, AZEK Pavers, made from up to 95% recycled content, are poised to redefine the hardscape category while helping to meaningfully reduce landfill waste. Learn more at

About AZEK® Building Products:

AZEK Building Products is a leader in the development of premium, low maintenance exterior building products. Available to a worldwide audience, its product lines span AZEK Trim, Deck, Rail, Moulding, Porch and Pavers as well as capped wood composite Decking and Railing under the TimberTech brand. Both brands, synonymous with quality, style and innovation, are made in America and lead their market areas by continually reinventing product lines and redefining product categories. For more information about AZEK, visit For more information on TimberTech, visit or call 1-877-ASK AZEK.