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The Fastest Railing Installation You’ve Ever Seen

Tags: railing

Installing railing on a deck isn’t usually a timed event, but here at AZEK Building Products, we thought it would be fun to see just how fast some of our loyal contractors could install our Impression Railing at this year’s International Builder’s Show in Orlando.

We set up a friendly competition among three contractors on Wednesday, January 11thwith an event hosted at our booth by HGTV and DIY Network host and carpenter Jeff Devlin.

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How AZEK® Trim Makes Outdoor Seating Fun and Interactive

Tags: inspiration

When sitting on a park bench and taking in the fresh air, its easy to think back to the days when you could spend your afternoons running around the playground without a care in the world.

Sarah Carrier, a playground design consultant with Goric Playgrounds, decided it was time for adults to have fun, too! She thought up a playful geometric design for public seating that was inspired by children’s blocks and the human figure. The project, “Akimbo,” was built with AZEK Trim by Walpole Outdoors.

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10 Luxury Backyard Upgrades For Any Budget

Tags: inspiration

When it comes to doing large-scale work around the house, every once in a while you get lucky and manage to come in under budget. So if you recently finished off a home remodeling project only to learn that you have remaining budget for additional enhancements, there are a few wise ways to put that money to use. For example, why not use the funds to turn your backyard into a relaxing paradise?  

Here are ten luxury, budget-friendly backyard upgrades that can add beauty and value to your home

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Decking Damage: When to Replace Your Deck

Tags: care and cleaning, decking

If your deck is looking a little worn lately despite all your efforts to maintain it, then it might be time you considered either repairing or replacing it. Of course, these are two drastically different projects, so before you choose one over the other, it helps to have an understanding of when you really should replace your deck, over simply repairing it.

There are essentially two types of damage that can occur to a deck – local damage and structural damage. This guide will help you learn more about each so you can make the best decision about your deck repair or replacement. 

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5 Ideas For Creating A Low Maintenance Outdoor Space

Tags: inspiration

For most homeowners, getting the backyard ready for summer, or maintaining it throughout the rest of the year, can be a tiresome and mundane task. From scrubbing and staining the deck to mowing the lawn, there is no shortage of time-consuming projects that require attention.


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