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The Fastest Railing Installation You’ve Ever Seen

Installing railing on a deck isn’t usually a timed event, but here at AZEK Building Products, we thought it would be fun to see just how fast some of our loyal contractors could install our Impression Railing at this year’s International Builder’s Show in Orlando.

We set up a friendly competition among three contractors on Wednesday, January 11th with an event hosted at our booth by HGTV and DIY Network host and carpenter Jeff Devlin.

Viewers got to see the Impression Railing’s first-rate, quick installation and industry leading aesthetics firsthand during the competition as three contractors raced the clock to see who could install an AZEK Impression Rail section the fastest. The three participants were Gary Daley from America's DeckBuilder, Jason Russell from Dr. Decks, and Keith Camacho from Stellar Decks.

And who was the fastest, you might ask? Keith Camacho, the owner of Stellar Decks serving NYC, Nassau County and Suffolk County for six years. Keith won the competition by installing the section in a speedy 2 minutes and 14 seconds. He notes that he could install it so quickly because he has a lot of experience with the product.

“The reason that I’m able to install the Impression Railing so quickly is because as the business owner of Stellar Decks, I don’t just sell, I build. I have five guys on my team and I work on every project that we do. I have been building decks for 18 years and started this business about six years ago,” Camacho said. “I have always been committed to being involved on all of the projects that we complete because I find that people want to see the owner doing the work that they are contracted to complete. It helps build trust that everything discussed during the project consultation will be done correctly.”

So Keith knows first hand one of the reasons that AZEK Building Products made this product so contractor-friendly. It’s because AZEK knows that offering a railing product that can be installed by one person saves both time and money on a job site, which is all too important for contractors to control costs and complete a project. The lightweight profile and best-in-class, one person installation also eliminates the need for welding equipment, specialty saw blades or other special tools that metal railing often requires.

“I have a great relationship with AZEK and TimberTech, so I am very familiar with their products,” Camacho said. “The Impression Railing is very easy to install, and I have done two projects within the past three months that included it. Because I use AZEK and TimberTech so much, I know how all of their products are installed and it makes it easy for me to work efficiently.”

But the beauty about AZEK Building Products isn’t just that contractors like working with it, it is that homeowners love the look. The popular Impression Railing offers an alternative look to wrought iron, but with lower maintenance. Impression Rail’s high-quality powder coated aluminum profiles are engineered for strength, security and aesthetics.

Camacho adds, “I like using the Impression Railing on decks because it is easy to work with during installation and it is also low maintenance once installed, which my customers love.”