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How AZEK® Trim Makes Outdoor Seating Fun and Interactive

When sitting on a park bench and taking in the fresh air, its easy to think back to the days when you could spend your afternoons running around the playground without a care in the world.

Sarah Carrier, a playground design consultant with Goric Playgrounds, decided it was time for adults to have fun, too! She thought up a playful geometric design for public seating that was inspired by children’s blocks and the human figure. The project, “Akimbo,” was built with AZEK Trim by Walpole Outdoors.

 “Akimbo” recently won the first Boston Society of Landscape Architect’s (BSLA) Design Challenge, resulting in fun, imaginative shapes that can be moved around and provide a comfortable seating height for groups of people.

The BSLA and New England GROWS conceived the design challenge to promote landscape architecture while highlighting adaptability and concept uniqueness in creating a product for parks, schools, and cityscapes.

Walpole Outdoors handcrafted “Akimbo” using donated, high performance AZEK Sheets PVC Trim. AZEK Trim was ideal for the project because it stands up to harsh weather, and resists stains, scratches, fading, mold, mildew, and moisture damage. The high-performing product also will not cup, rot or split and is suitable for ground contact. It is UV protected and covered by a 25-year limited warranty.

The low-maintenance product requires specific skills and advanced technology to produce an exceptional, long-lasting end result, prompting the Walpole Outdoors team to carefully cut, router, mold and shape the AZEK Trim at Walpole’s Maine facility.

Walpole Outdoors spent 10 years researching and testing wood alternative materials, laminating techniques, and advanced adhesives before picking AZEK Trim as their preferred trim to work with. The choice was clear for the “Akimbo” project that AZEK Trim was perfect for the build.

To complete the user-friendly project, Walpole Outdoors also worked closely with Sherwin-Williams. The painted “Akimbo” pieces are set to look great for decades because AZEK Trim is scientifically engineered and proven to last beautifully. Check out how the project came to life here.