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Designing Your Dream Deck Now Even Easier with AZEK® Deck Designer App for iPad

The newest features of our AZEK® Deck Designer app for iOS makes planning your ideal outdoor space easier than ever before. The latest update builds upon our tremendously popular app launched in 2014. We’d like to share top ways our innovative tool can bring your dream deck to life.


Augmented Reality

Let’s say you are standing in your backyard, wondering how your deck design will look alongside your home. Thanks to our new Augmented Reality feature, you can project a life-sized version of your virtual creation directly onto your actual home. This allows for you to see exactly how your design will integrate into your existing property, minus the physical, paper-like markers previously needed with this type of technology. You can also opt for a smaller, dollhouse view, giving you more of a bird’s eye view of your deck design.


Snapshot Mode


If you are unsure which location to place your deck, Snapshot mode can make that decision easy as well. Simply take photos of the spaces you are considering and upload the images to your account. From there, it’s easy to swap the photos with the same, or different, deck styles.  


Options at Your Fingertips

These latest features build on the solid foundation of the original AZEK Deck Designer app. The program allows you to customize every aspect of your space. With more than 140 product options, the opportunities are nearly endless. Choose from AZEK or TimberTech materials, layout the framework, then add everything from multiple deck tiers, to railings, lighting and more.  You can even add exterior backgrounds and accessories such as a grill or a hot tub.


Versatile and Easy

Whether you are an experienced designer working on multiple projects or a homeowner bringing your creation to life, our app is versatile and easy to use. You can select for pre-existing templates or start from scratch. You can save multiple designs and easily share them with clients or family members. Another great feature is that your account is in the cloud, so you can easily switch from working on an iPad to your desktop computer.


Materials List

Once you nail down that final deck design, moving into the building phase is simple. The AZEK Deck Designer app generates a list of the materials used in your design.  Just hand it over to your contractor who can begin to turn your virtual space into a reality. Don’t have a builder? AZEK Building Products can connect you to qualified professionals in your area with our AZEK Contractor Locator.

If you have already installed our AZEK Deck Designer for iPad, you should have been prompted to update app.  If you had the TimberTech app for iPad, all you have to is click this link to install the new AZEK Deck Designer app features.  In either case, don’t worry, your existing AZEK and TimberTech designs and account settings will transfer over.  If you have an Android device, we are working on bringing all these great features to the operating system soon.


For anyone who hasn’t used our AZEK Deck Designer app for iOS, we encourage you to get started, because it will bring you one step closer to enjoying the outdoor oasis that keeps you daydreaming.