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Decking Damage: When to Replace Your Deck

Tags: care and cleaning, decking

If your deck is looking a little worn lately despite all your efforts to maintain it, then it might be time you considered either repairing or replacing it. Of course, these are two drastically different projects, so before you choose one over the other, it helps to have an understanding of when you really should replace your deck, over simply repairing it.

There are essentially two types of damage that can occur to a deck – local damage and structural damage. This guide will help you learn more about each so you can make the best decision about your deck repair or replacement. 

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When to Replace Decking Boards

Tags: care and cleaning, decking

Despite the fact that pressure treated wood is supposed to be insect and water resistant, the truth is, over time, pressure treated wood will become increasingly prone to damage caused by these and other problems. In fact, if you own a wood deck, you need to inspect it annually so you can identify any potential damage and make the necessary repairs before it worsens.    

In most cases, a deck’s wood boards tend to be the first to go because this part of the deck is subjected to the most wear and tear and is constantly exposed to the elements. As a result, a wood deck will need to have its decking boards replaced at some point.

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