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10 Luxury Backyard Upgrades For Any Budget

When it comes to doing large-scale work around the house, every once in a while you get lucky and manage to come in under budget. So if you recently finished off a home remodeling project only to learn that you have remaining budget for additional enhancements, there are a few wise ways to put that money to use. For example, why not use the funds to turn your backyard into a relaxing paradise?  

Here are ten luxury, budget-friendly backyard upgrades that can add beauty and value to your home

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Decking Damage: When to Replace Your Deck

If your deck is looking a little worn lately despite all your efforts to maintain it, then it might be time you considered either repairing or replacing it. Of course, these are two drastically different projects, so before you choose one over the other, it helps to have an understanding of when you really should replace your deck, over simply repairing it.

There are essentially two types of damage that can occur to a deck – local damage and structural damage. This guide will help you learn more about each so you can make the best decision about your deck repair or replacement. 

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5 Ideas For Creating A Low Maintenance Outdoor Space

For most homeowners, getting the backyard ready for summer, or maintaining it throughout the rest of the year, can be a tiresome and mundane task. From scrubbing and staining the deck to mowing the lawn, there is no shortage of time-consuming projects that require attention.


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PVC Decking vs Capped Wood Composite

Over the last decade, there have been some impressive innovations in decking materials. Once restricted to pressure-treated wood for their decks, homeowners now have a wide range of options available to choose from including durable and long-lasting PVC decking and capped composite decking.

Though these products may look similar, they each have their own unique qualities and benefits. Here, we examine the benefits of PVC decking vs. capped composite, and why a homeowner can’t really go wrong with either choice.

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When to Replace Decking Boards

Despite the fact that pressure treated wood is supposed to be insect and water resistant, the truth is, over time, pressure treated wood will become increasingly prone to damage caused by these and other problems. In fact, if you own a wood deck, you need to inspect it annually so you can identify any potential damage and make the necessary repairs before it worsens.    

In most cases, a deck’s wood boards tend to be the first to go because this part of the deck is subjected to the most wear and tear and is constantly exposed to the elements. As a result, a wood deck will need to have its decking boards replaced at some point.

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Home Remodeling Ideas with the Highest ROI

You may have lived in your home for decades or you might have just moved in last year – but either way, chances are fairly strong that there is at least one thing about your property that you’d like to change. Maybe that change has to do with bringing an update to the kitchen or bathroom, finishing off the basement, adding new siding, or building out an outdoor living room on a brand new deck. Whatever home remodeling idea you’ve been dreaming about, it’s a good idea to research the likely return on that investment prior to calling in the architects and contractors. Many remodels will add immediate and lasting value to your home, but others may not. Contrary to popular belief, taking out a second mortgage to spring for the best marble countertops, stainless steel fixtures, or other updates may actually work against you being able to recoup the investment when it comes time to sell your home.

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Visualize It: The Best 3D Home Design Apps

If you’re planning to renovate or remodel your home, these days you can find a lot of professional help without ever leaving your couch. There are dozens of home design apps out there that can help you visualize your project before you even get started.

Here, we rate some of the very best 3D home design apps. Download them to your phone and start bringing your ideas to life.

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4 Tips For Hiring a Deck Contractor Or Builder

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PVC Decking Explained: What is It Made Of?

Thinking about replacing your tired old wooden deck or having a new deck installed on your home? The odds are that you’re probably a little surprised at all of the decking options available these days.

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It isn’t every day that Steven and Brucie Schneider, of San Rafael, California-based construction company Schneider Construction, are asked to build a deck on TOP of a building. Fortunately, when that does happen, which seems to be a new trend in the San Francisco area and beyond, they are more than up to the task.

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Many product decisions are grounded in manufacturing rationale – like which production line to use or the best way to package a product. But, when it comes to product development, it’s important to take the time to listen, really listen, to customers to find out which products they want or what needs they may have. Being able to develop products that solve contractor challenges, improve customers’ homes, and make any outdoor space the envy of the neighborhood is the fuel that drives the AZEK and TimberTech engine. The new Impression Rail in Bronze is just such a product.

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Lighting determines ambiance. It’s the finishing touch that brings a patio together once the materials, railings, fasteners and furniture are in place. It’s also an art of subtle touches, which is why it tends to get overlooked.

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There’s a reason so many homeowners are choosing materials other than wood to build their deck. PVC capped polymer is more durable, easier to maintain, and offers longer lasting aesthetics than wood. In addition to being easier to work with, engineered decking is also a better investment than traditional materials, requiring less upkeep and fewer repairs over time—and initial price points to fit a variety of budgets.

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At roughly 30 years old, Crittenton Hospital Medical Center’s cafeteria patio had begun to show its age. The rooftop space was difficult to maintain with crumbling brick pavers and cracked concrete. Attractive, light-weight and low-maintenance AZEK Pavers enabled the hospital to rehabilitate the space, used by about 75 people daily, in a short amount of time.

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Since the beginning of time, mankind has been captivated by fire; with its power and reckless disregard for humanity often leaving destruction in its wake. Therefore, it is not surprising that as building science evolved, building material manufacturers have searched for ways to combat Mother Nature. At the top of the list are products that can stand up to fire and the damage it can cause to our homes.

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